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EX-KGB agent warning US+Hollywood full of real satanists+Joseph McCarthy identified the Marxists in Hollywood in the 40’s+There used to be very sensible protection for our children.

Extremely wicked Marxists and perverts of the worst kind have infiltrated this dear land of ours. These videos have very valuable information. Please take them very seriously. Those who are here to destroy our children, our Godly decent way of life and everything that we hold dear, are at work already as you know.

EX-KGB agent warning US about the infiltration of these United States by the marxist perverts which we are witnessing today.

Psychological warfare

Hollywood is full of very dark occult people conjuring up demons that look just like Marilyn Monroe etc., which are actually directing producers what movies to make and so on in detail in order to destroy the whole world with unthinkable evil. The lady in this video has very important useful information.

Joseph McCarthy very accurately identified these marxists in Hollywood in the 1940’. Even today this decent man is attacked by commies in this country, without pity or shame.

There used to be very sensible warning commercials about child molesters in these United States before Al Frankenstein, Saul Alinsky, George Soros(satan personified),Chucky Schumer, Michael Moore, Blithering Bloomberg, ACLU and NAMBLA(North American man boy love association) arrived on the scene.

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